The Ultimate Seach

When AKPOS is involved in a story you know he would either act very smart or very foolish. He is always at the ex stream ends of both sides.
A simple question “Are you relaxing?” and AKPOS made a big deal out of it.
Here is a link to the video. AKPOS_relaxingDownload Now
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Animating Nigeria Stories


Latest 3D Animation in Nigeria



We are about to complete our first like-human 3D animation of AKPOS series.
We have previously done the same animation in a cartoon-like animation. The cartoon has received wide recognition in Nigeria. There is hardly a day that would pass by without me receiving a call. You can download it from here Download
I received a call yesterday from a lady “Hello, AKPOS are you relaxing?” I smiled and say “No ma, I am working on a new animation”
I am very sure when we are through with this latest work you will fall in love with it.

Inspirational Story From LEGO

Are you giving up on that project?
Download and watch this extra ordinary story from an ordinary man just like me and you.
Click to downloadLego Story

Africa My Africa

AfricaAfrica my Africa is an epic poem written by David Diop during the colonial period in the 60’s.
First Nigeria Toon went back to recite the poem and put a little bit of creativity in it by animating it. Click to download it. DOWNLOAD

Mikel, Highest Goal Scorer?


Mikel granted First Nigeria Toon a rear interview and he told us that he is the highest goal scorer in Chelsea…during training. To download the interview click


Mourinho is back and he has tagged himself “the happy one”
We at FNT had a wide imagination. We saw Mourinho warning Mikel and as usual we put in cartoon.
You can download the movie from here.
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Akpos: I am not relaxing

Akpos: I am not relaxing

Is Akpos intelligent or he his just out of this world?
Akpos was asked a simple question, “are you relaxing?” And this was his reply,
“I am not relaxing, I am Akpos”
Download the cartoon movie from here


Akpos the pastor

Akpos the pastor

Three pastors decided to make a confession among themselves.
Pastor Timothy said that every Sunday he steals from the Sunday offerings.
Pastor Daniel confesses to be sleeping with ladies in the church: single and married.
The third pastor, AKPOS told them that he gossips too much and right now he his thinking of
who to tell the confession his colleague just made.
You can download the cartoon here.


You can download Oga at the top cartoon here
Oga at the top is the a slogan made popular by the NSCDC boss during a TV interview in Nigeria.
We at FNT knows that you love to see stories in cartoons so we did.
You can download the cartoon version here

Oga at the top.



“Oga at the top” is a slogan in Nigeria. It was made popular by the NSCDC boss
during a TV interview in Nigeria.
T Shirts and resturants are now tagged Oga at the top. And we at FNT knows that you love cartoons so
we put in cartoon for your delight.



Three pastors decided to share their confessions among themselves.

And what do you expect if you have one of the pastors as Akpos the Clown?

Pastor Timothy said he steals from the church offering every Sunday, Pastor Daniels

short coming is sleeping with the females in the church. While Pastor Akpos is Gossip.


You think you know the most lucrative job in Nigeria? Watch this video to discover something unbelievable.



“Oga at the top” is now a brand name in Nigeria. T Shirts are branded Oga at the top. Very soome we will have restaurant named after Oga at the top.
But where did the slogan originated from?


Journey To Emptiness (Episode One)

Episode one of Journey To Emptiness is out. In the trailer you will find prof Egbuna telling the student “if you don’t buy my text book you will fail the course”

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Mikel, Torres and Mata Secret Meeting in Brazil

Just before the match between Nigeria and Spain. The three Chelsea players where cut having a secret meeting. It’s seems they are discussing how to plot a mutual benefit.

First Urhobo Cartoon

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First Nigeria Toon and Urhobo Cartoon Club is not slowing down when it comes to the production of Urhobo cartoon. We are very passionate on what we are doing. This is part of Bobo and Titi movie. In this scene Aunty Ruky interacts with members of the club and she taught them how to call the names of some fruits in Urhobo. The scene is fully subtitled in English as most viewers recommended.It's very educative and humorous.  Please drop your comments and share among your friends. You can also subscribe on our youtube channel for more videos.
Posted by Urhobo Cartoon Club on Monday, May 4, 2015

Watch “The Adventures of Ifeanyi Okowa” on YouTube

The Adventures of Ifeanyi Okowa:
Senator Ifeanyi Okowa is the gubernatorial candidate of PDP in Delta state. Does he have the experience to tackle the enormous job ahead of him. This video shows more.

Clash between Chelsea and Man United Fans

It was a bloody clash between chelsea and Manchester United fan yesterday

Online Dating: The Miss Match

Online dating can be very deceptive. You can’t really tell if the other person on the side of the monitor match your statue. This is what happened when a loner got an online date. Download it hereMiss match